Is Green Smoke the Right E-Cig Brand for You?

Green Smoke Rating – ****1/2 stars (A)

Green Smoke E-Cigarette ReviewsIf you want to enjoy a truly satisfying e-cig user experience, you may be searching for the best electronic cigarette brand. When you select Green Smoke, you’ll be choosing a company with a positive business reputation and a dizzying array of product options and packages (all of which are available for decent prices). In addition, this firm’s versatile products are designed to work with a vast range of accessories, so as to offer Green Smoke e-cig owners lots of exciting and fun options.

While some other electronic cigarette companies do offer quality products for reasonable prices, few garner the positive feedback that you see with Green Smoke reviews. Since real-life customers enjoy using the firm’s e-cigs and accessories in order to access “smoke-free” smoking experiences, these electronic cigs and accessories are probably a safe bet for you, too.

After reviewing the company’s array of products, as well as their accessories, prices, customer reviews and customer service policies, we’ve awarded Green Smoke a solid, 4-1/2 star rating. This corresponds to an “A” letter grade.

Now, let’s talk about specific features of Green Smoke e-cigs and accessories, so that you can get the inside scoop on this stellar brand and everything that it has to offer…

What You Need to Know About the Brand

Popular Green Smoke Starter KitsThis firm has sold over 23 million products to its customers, so it’s world-renowned for its electronic cigs and accessories. In other words, when you select Green Smoke, you won’t be placing your trust in a fly-by-night e-cig company.

In addition, this company offers everything that you will need in order to enjoy efficient, one-stop shopping (via its official website, which is a virtual storefront). For example, when you choose this firm, you’ll be able to order everything that you want, from starter kits to cartridges (nicotine-based cartridges are available, at different nicotine levels) to replacement parts. So, you won’t need to waste time at a range of different websites in order to get products.

While Green Smoke products aren’t the cheapest out there (this is why we docked a half-star from the brand’s rating), you should be aware that paying a little more for decent quality is very likely well worth the minimal financial investment that you will make.

In particular, the company’s cartridges are known for offering rich flavour. Because they are filled with real tobacco extract, they offer a true “cigarette” taste, without the downside of smoking actual cigarettes. To give you premium variety, the company offers a plethora of flavors and nicotine levels. Choose from eight flavors and select one of five nicotine levels for a custom e-cig smoking experience that is yours alone…

Rich water vapor is also one of the features that Green Smoke customers adore. This unique e-cig design provides stellar satisfaction, due to its high volume of water vapor. Some e-cigs just don’t deliver in this important regard, so it’s important to find a brand that does offer enough water vapor for a powerful “hit” each time that a drag is taken. In addition, cartridges are specially sealed in order to protect freshness until they are utilized. So, you’ll never need to worry about stale taste…

Batteries which are created by the folks at Green Smoke are also of very high quality. When your e-cig is properly charged by one of these “long” life batteries, you’ll be able to enjoy a full day of smoking pleasure from just one charge. If you want a smoking sensation that is even more realistic, use the brand’s “short” term battery, which offers a duration of several hours.

When you select Green Smoke, you’ll never need to turn your cigarette on and off. This process is completely automated! Therefore, you may “smoke” at will, anytime and anywhere. E-cigs which are manufactured by this trusted and respected company feature even airflow, rugged construction and high-quality components. In other words, they are built to function effectively and to stand the test of time.

Pros and Cons of Green Smoke

Smokeless CigaretteWhile Green Smoke gets rave reviews from most users, a few prospective customers decide to choose other brands, because they find cheaper e-cig gear elsewhere. Therefore, the slightly higher cost of Green Smoke products may be perceived as a primary con.

Another con is that there aren’t thousands of cartridge flavors to choose from. However, for most users, there is more than enough choice. While tons of funky flavors are offered by other brands of e-cig manufacturers, most of these novelty flavors are not preferred by everyday e-cig users. Green Smoke offers enough choice for most “smokers”, as well as a range of nicotine levels. Those who are utilizing e-cigs as smoking cessation aids will find that these varying nicotine levels help them to taper off.

This brand provides plenty of pros in order to balance things out. For example, when you select the brand, you’ll be able to enjoy a satisfying smoking experience, without the hassles and headaches. In other words, if you’re weary of standing out in the cold and rain in order to get your daily hit of nicotine via a typical cigarette, you’ll find that using a Green Smoke e-cig will allow you to “smoke” indoors, no matter where you are. While there may be a few environments that are not appropriate for e-cig usage, in general, they are fine to “smoke” almost everywhere.

Therefore, comfort is a plus. In addition, since these e-cigs don’t emit second-hand smoke, you’ll know that you’re not adversely impacting the health of those around you. And they’ll know it, too, which will greatly reduce the stress of stigma of being a “smoker”.

In addition to this important pro, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh atomizer each time that you replace the cartridge in your Green Smoke electronic cigarette. Therefore, you’ll always be able to enjoy peak performance and rich, flavorful water vapor, which will ensure the ultimate “hit” at the back of your throat, each and every time that you take a puff and inhale.

Now that you know more about this highly-rated brand, isn’t it time to grab your own supply of Green Smoke e-cig gear? Whether you choose a starter pack or go for a more advanced package (or buy individual products as you go), you’ll find that this brand has all of the bells and whistles that you’re looking for.

But don’t take our word for it. To find out more, be sure to look up Green Smoke product reviews online. When you do, you’ll see that this brand delivers quality, performance and “smoking” enjoyment to tons of men and women all over the world.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a nice discount that will save you money when you shop.  We have see a few 20% off Green Smoke coupon codes floating around the internet.  These are usually only good for starter kits though.

Green Smoke Coupon Code 20% OFF

To get your own products, drop by the official Green Smoke website today. You can find it at: When you purchase an e-cig at the website, you’ll access a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Because the team at Green Smoke stand behind what they sell, they provide their customers with recourse in the event that they are not happy.

Lots of e-cig manufacturers don’t offer money-back guarantees – this really speaks volumes about how much they believe in the products that they sell to their clients. This is yet another reason why choosing Green Smoke makes so much sense…

Are E-cigs Right for You?

If you love to smoke, but you’re fed up with the stench of tobacco, as well as the social stigma of lighting up, you’re a prime candidate for electronic cigarettes. If you’re ready to take the plunge and join the electronic cigarette revolution, you’ll find that selecting Green Smoke is a perfect way to get started.

Understanding the E-cigarette Revolution

People who advocate for the widespread commercial sale and regulation of e-cigarettes in America have needed to be patient, as plenty of paperwork and government bureaucracy is currently standing in the way of e-cig production and distribution that has the nod of approval from the federal government. However, thousands of users are now enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes, which they view as safer alternatives to smoking tobacco.

In fact, many people do use electronic cigarettes to give up traditional tobacco-burning cigarettes. Over seventy percent of users who have taken up e-cigs may have used them as a smoking cessation aid. While results vary, percentages indicate that e-cigs are, at the least, an effective smoking cessation aid over the short term. In some cases, people give up tobacco cigarettes completely after making the switch to e-cigarettes.

Other people simply enjoy the act of smoking e-cigs, which come with flavored, nicotine-based or nicotine-free cartomizers that expel water vapor. The safety of e-cigarettes is a bone of contention; before taxing these products for sale, the government must assess risk and then base their tax percentages on said risk.

Read E-cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarette ReviewsThe important things is you know what you’re getting into when you decide to buy an e-cigarette.  You should definitely be reading reviews so you don’t get stuck with a scam.  We’re obvious proponents of Green Smoke and would give them the best reviews compared to other e-cigs ourselves, but we also like brands like Blu, V2 Cigs, and Mad Vapes.  Don’t take our word for it though, see what other people are saying about the smokeless cigarette revolution.

Are E-cigs Harmless or Not?

While many argue that electronic cigarettes are harmless, or (at least) far less harmful than traditional cigarettes, government officials remain wary. Part of this wariness stems from the issue of modifications that may be done to electronic cigarette batteries.

In the eyes of the government, people who “soup up” their e-cigs so that they produce more water vapor or chemicals are creating harmful products that may be worthy of higher taxation levels (such as those levied on traditional tobacco cigarettes). In other words, the risk of these “mods” may be high enough to justify taxation that would dramatically raise the cost of electronic cigarettes, which are currently, on average, less expensive than a tobacco smoking habit.

Advocates for electronic cigarettes argue that they are better than tobacco cigarettes, and that they should be taxed on a much lower scale. These advocates believe that addicted smokers of typical tobacco cigarettes should have every chance to quit by any means that they can find, including access to inexpensive electronic cigarettes.

Proponents of e-cigs are adamant that the government has no right to punish e-cig users by jacking up the prices of these smoking cessation aids. In time, a final decision will be made, and people who want to smoke e-cigarettes may need to pay far more for the privilege.

New, Limited Time Offer Green Smoke 20% Coupon Code

e cigarette couponsIt already goes without saying that electronic cigarettes are the boon many smokers have been looking for. After all, they offer you all the best of both worlds! You get to enjoy your nicotine fix and the soothing act of smoking that you’ve come to love, but without any of the associated health risks or consequences. You are also free to do so perfectly legally, as e-cigs aren’t subject to the same limitations as analog cigarettes. However, deciding that vaping might be the right smoking alternative for you and actually deciding which of the many electronic cigarettes on the market might be right for you are two different things altogether.

Green Smoke is #1!

If you’re on the fence in regards to which e-cig to try, then you should know that you simply can’t go wrong with Green Smoke, as it manufactures one of the best electronic cigarettes available out there on the market today. Green Smoke e-cigarettes don’t just provide an enjoyable, high quality vaping experience. Green Smoke as a company also boasts one of the more efficient customer service departments and the number one highest rate of customer satisfaction out there according to the e-cig experts at! It’s also the all-around number one highest rated electronic cigarette when it comes to real, 100% honest consumer reviews.

Now is the time to give Green Smoke a chance!

If you’re a die-hard vaper who’s been thinking seriously about making the switch to Green Smoke in order to take advantage of awesome features like their new FlavorMax cartridges or their lifetime warranty on batteries, then you’ll be delighted to know that there’s no time like the present to do so. Green Smoke has just announced the launch of their biggest and most important coupon code ever. The coupon code is good for a whopping 20% off of your choice of the Green Smoke’s most popular kits – the Pro it, the Love Birds it, or the incredible Ultimate Kit.

You may also be interested to know that even with that type of discount in place, your Green Smoke purchase is still completely risk free. If you are unsatisfied with your vaping experience for any reason, you have 30 full days to return your kit and get your money back in full… guaranteed. Plus, shipping is free! You really need to hurry though as this is a limited time offer that won’t last forever. Give Green Smoke a try today and find out what vaping was really meant to be!