simcity buildit review

Many people are interested in playing different kinds of games which ever you like and the SimCity build it is a game where you can able to make all your dreams to come true. Maximum games are like fighting games but in this game you have to construct your own city and provide all the necessary things that are needed for your city. When you start to play your game then the first and the important thing that you have to do is, you have to find unique name for your city and then you have to work hard to make your city to become famous. You can able to play this game by connecting your game to the other social media so that there would be more competitors for you when you are playing your game and so that you have to plan and execute so fast before your friends would complete their tasks.

You have to plan well before you are executing your task then before constructing your city and you have to lay the roads in the main place. Then you have to construct your residential place and the main motto of your game and you have to increase all the population of the city when compared to the other cities. You must make all your city people to live happily then only you can able to collect more coins from them.

You have to earn more money in order to upgrade your city and to reconstruct all the small residential area to the big ones. The most important currency in the game in the simoleons and the gold coins and you can able to earn them when you construct some industries and sell those products to the other players and get money. You can also able to buy some kinds of the products and resell them to the some person and that would make you to get more profit when compared to the other ones. You should not always construct the residential area and fill your city and you need to build the storage places and the basic things that had been required for your city. You have to full fill all the basic needs of your city like there must be proper power supply in all the places and you must take extra care in maintaining your drainage and the sewage system. You must supply the water to all the places and also help them in case of some emergency that had been taken place inside your city. You must keep on watching all the things that is happening in your city and in case of the emergency the red light would glow so that you must call the fire service people for help and if you like to get all the coins at once to upgrade your city faster than you can use the simcity buildit hack.