moviestarplanet tricks

Nowadays the people as well as kids are font of playing several games which may be fantasy, horror even a battle field as gaming technology is developed lot in order to fulfill the players needs the gaming sector made several sources for player to play their favorite games. In general most of the games remain to be in high level mainly designed for adults to play the game. For kids are too minimum in number among all moviestarplanet is more famous game among kids.

Movie star planet which is generally called as MSP it is a free social interactive fantasy gaming website mainly created for the children aged between 8 to 15 years. This is being one of the top online fantasy games among all fantasy game and it is mostly played by the girl kids because girl kids are font of making fashion dress up. In this game child can choose a character from several movie star characters and start to play by making the character to dress up.

The child can change the dressing of the character and choose different hair style for the selected movie star character to their wish. This game also gives several additional features such as

  • Child can make movies with the selected character.
  • Child can also play games which are designed in build within the game.
  • The gaming feature allows the child to chat with the selected movie star character.

How to earn points in the game

In all game the points can be earned by playing higher levels are by completing the daily tasks but it quite differ in case of fantasy gaming such that in moviestarplanet game earning points is different the child has to play the game continuously to gain points in the game and child has to earn fame points and star coins. Several players are using moviestarplanet hack tool in order to earn more coins.

In the game play earned points can be used to earn fortune and fame by means of

  • Social interaction,
  • Movie making
  • By making other people to watch the movie

By performing all the above said actions child can earn fame points and star coins. On other hand star coins is used to buy several costumes which may be used in movies, animations, home décor, parties etc.

As a higher level players can exchange their gifts with their friends, player can collect autographs even player can make a trade items. Player overcome several competitions when

  • Player enter the game,
  • The player gets more reward when player play games continuously,
  • By making friends, by making social interaction.

When player goes to higher levels game play allows player to have more animated characters with additional features.

Secure and safe: the movie star planet game remains to be more safe and secure for children to play and the gaming platform is more clear and does not need children to give any personal details for log in the gaming account. If parents feel it is not safe then the websites can blocked and profile can be deleted permanently.